Office of Food and Nutrition Services at AUTh Sports Centre

Opening hours: Monday and Thursday 18.00-20.00 and Friday 17.00-19.00
You can make an appointment in two ways:
1. At the Reception of AUTh Sports Centre every afternoon 15.00-20.00 or by phone at + 30 2310 99 26 30 during the same hours
2. At Food and Nutrition Office every Monday and Thursday 18.00-20.00 or by phone at + 30 2310 99 26 68 during the same hours and days
It concerns:
  • All members of AUTh Sports Centre who want to implement a scientifically nutrition program to combat obesity, reduce weight, improve health, prevent possible future diseases related to nutrition and generally improved well-being and quality of life
  • The cost is 10 euros per month for providing and monitoring individualized nutrition program by qualified nutritionist.